We've lost count of the number of travel management companies that our clients used to work with before they came to us. It's true that business travel is a very competitive industry. We've tripled the size of our company in the last three years because we set out to do something different, day-in, day-out. Here it is.

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Small Teams, Big Service

We shudder at the thought of call centres. They're slow, inefficient, infuriating places to deal with. That's why we give you a small, nimble team of business travel consultants with two regular contacts assigned to manage 97% of your bookings. We wish they could handle 100% but being humans they need lunch breaks, holidays and other niceties to keep them at the top of their game. We think that's fair.

Unlike many of our competitors, we only hire travel consultants who already have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business travel. We're a fast moving team and our clients have (deservedly) high standards, so hiring the best isn't a goal, it's a neccessity. On average our consultants have over 12 years experience in business travel. That translates to faster service, lower fares and happier travellers. 

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One Team, One Number, One Office

When our Joint-Managing Directors, Mervyn Williamson and Jon Langley, took over Statesman in 2007 they brought the experience and contacts from the world of global travel management companies. Rather than try and copy their lumbering counterparts, they embraced the best of our people's personal approach and passion. They then sought to take it to corporates that suffered from the underwhelming service dished out by the larger travel conglomerates.

To this day we abide by that philosophy. That's why we're all based in one London office, on the same floor, with the ability to do delightful things like actually work together and talk face to face. When you're travelling halfway across the world to be face to face with your clients and people, we think it's best that we do the same with our own.


Global Buying Power, Local Business Savvy

We spend over £110m annually on travel. Our international network spends almost £3bn. It would be easy to say we spend big. We believe we spend smart. The experience of our consultants and the buying power we exert means your travel is in shrewd hands. Your dedicated Account Manager will work with you on lowering both your direct and indirect travel costs. The latter being something regularly ignored by other business travel agents. We're not just a booking agency. We're a travel management company. 


Technology that Just Works

Are you currently using one online system for flight bookings, one for hotels and another for rail? Confusing isn't it? We built StatesManager so that you could have one place to book all your travel, but not just that. We included all the tools a travel booker could ever need in one online portal and we made it work across PCs, tablets and mobiles.

We do provide online webinars, free video training resources and workshops to raise adoption levels. Truth be told however, we see adoption rates rise from day one thanks to the fast, intuitive and personalised way StatesManager is set up for all our clients. 

Business Travel Management Technology | Statesmanager Portal 

The Statesmanager Portal works seamlessly across all your devices and is personalised to your company.


Savings, Service, Simplicity = Statesman

Everything we do comes back to this. Admittedly we're pretty lucky that the three key pillars of a first class travel programme all begin with the letter 'S'. When you combine the three we see travel programmes really fly. We want your people to be happier, more productive and all at a lower cost than if they'd booked elsewhere. That's what drives us.


A few boxes you can tick

With so many travel management companies out there, it's hard to know what they're all capable of. We can't speak for the others but here's just some of the things we do:

  • Flight, Hotel, Rail and Car Booking - we do the odd private jet too
  • Online Booking for all of the above - StatesManager, your very own customised one-stop-travel-shop
  • Reporting & Management Information - we run over 300 different types of reports, we'll send you the ones you need 
  • Dedicated Account Managment - continual improvement and monitoring of your programme with face-to-face meetings, not just "How's it going?" once a month
  • Consolidated and Tailored Invoices - whenever you like, however you like
  • Passports & Visas - we'll tell you what you need and then get it for you
  • Online and Mobile Itineraries - so your travellers and bookers know where they're headed
  • Traveller Tracking - so you know where they're headed too
  • Expense Management - We're a trusted Concur partner, and the first to integrate offline travel bookings into Concur Expense
  •  ISO9001, IATA, ATOL and Green Achiever accreditations - you're welcome to visit and see our shiny cabinet of certificates
  • The only business travel company on the 2013 Virgin Sunday Times Fast Track 100 - says it all really, doesn't it?


Want to Hear More?

If you'd like to see the full list of everything we do then please send us a request for information or RFI. One of our sales team will be happy to get back to you and talk you through everything we have to offer in more detail. You can reach them at 020 3667 1050 or Sales@statesmantravel.com

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