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"If we work tirelessly every day to be the very best at what we do, then we help our travellers to do the same." - Mervyn Williamson (Joint Managing Director)

We bring a fresh, innovative and consultative approach to travel management, which is built on the knowledge and experience of our people.

The willingness of our team to constantly go above and beyond what's required in everything we do has led to our position today as a leading Travel Management Company.

Your travel is our passion and we combine that excitement with sound commercial knowledge and pioneering technology to project your travellers out into the world so that they can achieve their goals.

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  • Save Your Smartphone Battery with these 7 Quick Tips

    The United States has just stepped up its security when it comes to people flying in to the US. Travellers are being asked to demonstrate that their phones are working devices by powering up the display and/or showing the functionality of the phone. …

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    Publish Date: 08/07/2014 10:00

  • The Business Travel Agent Review: Qantas A380

    The Airbus A380 has recently become a must have for well known flag carrying airlines. Two of our Business Travel Consultants, Melanie Gladden, Helen Read and I were invited by Qantas in June to visit Heathrow to view the A380 and their on board …

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    Publish Date: 04/07/2014 09:30

  • 8 Things Business Travellers Need to Know About Apple's Plans

    This post was originally featured as a published article on LinkedIn.On Monday 2nd June Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers' Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Despite rumours of new devices like the iWatch and a bigger …

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    Publish Date: 16/06/2014 13:00

  • A Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

    Earlier this year we named charity: water as our cause we will be supporting throughout the year across the whole of the Statesman Travel group.Fact: 90% of the 30,000 deaths that occur from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions are …

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    Publish Date: 04/05/2014 10:00

Crown Agents

Crown Agents is an international development company that works with governments, businesses and aid organisations.

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  • team member

    Emma has worked for both national and multi-national companies since 1997, making her highly adept at keeping a keen eye on costs and controlling finances.

    She moved to the business travel management industry in 2002 and knows how to make money and travel work together effectively by keeping client accounts up to date and ensuring that our systems and processes continue to keep pace with industry developments.

    Emma likes live music and attends concerts whenever she can, but her …


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